Editor Update: Unfortunately it looks as if this was just a hoax. The original post on the Batman Arkham subreddit has been removed and the moderators have posted this in response. I guess that pinch of salt really needed taking after all.

Original Story: Clearly, this is just a rumour or you can believe this to be a leak but take all information below with a grain of salt. And as far as rumours go this doesn’t line up with the other, stronger rumour of a Damian Wayne Arkham game. But it’s fun to speculate, right?

Over on in the subreddit for the Batman Arkham series, it seems a disgruntled and soon to be former, employee of WB Montreal is throwing out details on the next installment in the series.

Potential spoilers below, so if you want to be surprised on March 8 I recommend you stop reading here.

User IAmBatmanArkham took to Reddit to detail out the next Batman game being developed by WB Montreal, the same developer behind Batman Arkham Origins. IAmBatmanArkham says he was originally working on the failed Suicide Squad game before being moved over to the new Batman project which he says is titled, Batman Arkham Insurgency. The game uses the same engine as Batman Arkham Knight and has been in development since 2014.

The game is said to feature Batman, obviously, and Dick Greyson as Robin, both being playable characters. Story wise this takes place three years after the events of Arkham Origins and is set on a coastal area of Gotham that is roughly the same size as the three islands of Arkham Knight. Most of the buildings in the area are accessible and can be explored along with the Batcave and Wayne Manor being accessible via fast travel.

Now for some plot details, again potential spoilers ahead. The plot centres around a mass breakout at Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum and several terrorist attacks across the city causing the GCPD to close off this segment of Gotham. Like previous games, the area will be littered with villains and criminals plus civilians that Batman and Robin will need to rescue.

The Batmobile makes a return but has been tweaked from Arkham Knight. Battle Mode is no more and the combat mostly consists of chase sequences and using the Batmobile to take down slower opponents with the car’s weaponry. The Batmobile still features missiles, a power wench, and an EMP device plus new gadgets as well.

Dual Play returns but has been changed from Arkham Knight. Dual takedowns have been removed but there are added special moves and combos in its place, including a new skill tree devoted to the mechanic. Combat has also been expanded to better accommodate one on one fights, using the same flow of hitting the right buttons at the right time but it’s more complicated than the attack/counter of previous games.

The main antagonist is said to be Owlman and the Court of Owls for this game. Which would, in my mind, follow the New 52: Earth-0 character arc. Other villains named as appearing in the game are Maxie Zeus, Dollmaker, Killer Moth, Anarky, Two-Face, Riddler and the Joker. Plus a few other off the wall villains from Batman’s extensive rogue gallery. Alfred and Lucius Fox are in the game taking the role of Oracle as your main contact.

The game is also said to feature boss battles this time around.

According to the post, the game could see a release as early as November of this year but has already been delayed once internally during development. Typically the Arkham games don’t launch in the same year they are announced but that could always be different this time around.

A lof of this makes sense. I’m a huge fan of the Arkham series and none of this information would be surprising to me at all. Keeping the Batmobile in makes sense for travel even if it was one of the faults of Arkham Knight for a lot of people. It’s interesting that Owlman is the supposed main antagonist since I don’t believe too many casual fans are familiar with the character and his connection to Batman. This could be similar to WB Montreal’s first game when they touted Black Mask as the main villain only to reveal in the game that was not the case. The inclusion of the Joker makes me believe this game will still involve him heavily like games in the past.

I’m interested in this and if this announcement lines up with the rumor/leak then I will be totally on board. Really I just want more Batman games so I welcome this. As long as WB Montreal learned from their first Batman game and doesn’t ship this game half as broken as Arkham Origins was and still is to this day.

Again, at this point, this all one big rumor and there has been no official word on what WB Montreal is working on. Whether it is this game or the earlier mentioned Damian Wayne game, I’m excited either way.

WB has scheduled their announcement for March 8, fingers crossed.

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Findman Returns
Findman Returns

I prefer the idea of ​​being a sequel to Arkham Knight with an older Damian Wayne taking on the mantle of Batman.

Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook

With this seeming to be a hoax, that one’s still on the table!

Findman Returns
Findman Returns

I found this idea excellent and making another prequel would be disappointing.