If you forgot how incredibly stupid and fun the Earth Defense Force series was, then this brand new four-minute trailer for Earth Defense Force 5 will remind you just how zany this series really is.

As you’d expect, the Earth is once again plagued with “Invaders”, also known as stupid huge gigantic insects from space. This army of Invaders has returned once again to spurt its load all over our cities causing chaos across the globe. Fortunately the Earth Defense Force are here to save us, this time with a brand new weapon, Powered Armour.

This giant mech suit which gives the Earth Defense Force soldiers a new-found strength gives them the power to wield incredibly huge weapons which will no doubt annihilate the enemy.

Check out the new trailer below to see the Fencer in action, as well as a glimpse at a brand new Invader… a weaponised frog.

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Earth Defense Force 5 is set to launch in 2017 in Japan on PlayStation 4. There’s currently no word on the game’s western release.

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