The Golf Club 2 – 04

Maximum Games and HB Studios have this week released a brand new trailer for their upcoming golf-sim sequel, The Golf Club 2, and it looks to be a hole in one.

The Golf Club 2 is set to expand on an already impressive game when it launches this Spring on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Golf Club launched in 2014 and introduced players to a new type of golf game with intense simulation and customisable golf courses and clubs.

This new instalment is set to expand on that by bringing all-new features such as a progression-based Career Mode, Societies, and an improved Course Creator. There’ll also be a whole host of new environments, improved swing mechanics, and dynamic online tournaments.

The game’s new Career Mode will have players moving up the ranks through a series of tournaments, and as their progression grows, so does their competition, pushing players to improve their game. Earnings from each season will then give players the chance to purchase new gear, along with membership dues for Societies.

Societies, as you can probably guess from the name, gives players the chance to create their own online Society or join a pre-existing one. Players can join many Societies though only one will be their Primary Membership. As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to climb up the ranks of their society and become one of the top tier players while also improving the clubhouse as they do so.

A brand new trailer for the game can be seen below. Players can also pre-order the game to receive the Day 1 edition which features a ton of bonus content including in-game cash, an extravagant 24K gold driver, access to an exclusive high society clubhouse, as well as clothing and a signature badge for their Society logo.

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