NieR: Automata

Upcoming action RPG NieR: Automata, developed by Platinum Games, has recently received a new trailer and some gameplay showing off a number of features.

The latest trailer, titled Glory to Mankind, gives us a look once more at the story within NieR: Automata and what we can expect. The game follows the androids 2B, 9S and A2 as they battle to try and reclaim the earth which now lays in dystopian ruin due to the war with the machines. Though the game follows the last and final effort to take back the planet it could lead to a long-forgotten truth being unveiled.

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To go with the above story trailer there is also a new gameplay trailer showing off 29 minutes of NieR: Automata’s open world aspects. There is a lot to take in but some of the key details are the way the core elements of NieR: Automata will work. Because NieR: Automata is set during the 14th machine War, things will get out of control and break, so it’s the players’ job as an Android is to aid the resistance and do whatever needs to be done to ensure victory. The game features a number of hubs that will provide side quests which will further the story and gameplay experience.

Though the world is in a state of ruin there is still plenty to see and explore. From hidden caches hidden throughout the dystopian landscapes to mountable animals to ride through the land. There are plenty of options for exploring and getting around. Of course the player will find plenty of enemies to fight throughout the world and the combat within NieR: Automata ensures they have plenty of options to unleash damage. This will also included a number of ways to level and power up their android as you progress through the game.

One important thing to know though is how death is handled in NieR: Automata. Your memories and data are uploaded to a new body which is then redeployed to join the fight. When players return to the site of their former self they will have two options. Retrieve the body for a bonus or attempt to repair the body. If successful, the body will fight alongside the player but if you fail the body might become hostile resulting in a fight. Beating their formal self though will offer a number of rewards.

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Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that NieR: Automata will feature a number of different endings just like the title before it. Speaking in an interview over on the PlayStation Blog director Yoko Taro commented that a lot of the story within NieR: Automata will behind multiple playthroughs.

“It’s a slightly different system this time around,” Taro explains. “But people who have only played through to the first ending of Nier: Automata have probably not even seen half of the story.”

NieR: Automata is shaping up to be an impressive sounding and looking title. To check out our impressions of the demo then you can read them here. NieR: Automata is set to release on PlayStation 4 on March 10th in Europe with a PC version set to release later this year. Until then, all board the hype train.

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