Nintendo took a gamble by diverting resources to mobile games, but apparently their change of plans is paying off. Super Mario Run, the company’s first mobile title, has been downloaded 78 million times so far, the company have announced. Incredible numbers to say the least, although there’s a downside to all of this.

That down side is that barely five percent of the players pulled out those eight pounds to unlock all six worlds, though it still made Nintendo $53 million. Perhaps Nintendo should implement additional incentive to persuade Mario fans. What about cross-over bonuses once the Switch is available? Handsome karts to show off your Super Mario Run skills while racing through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is just one idea that comes to mind.

Let’s not forget Nintendo also forces us to play on a mobile data connection or WiFi network to ensure software security, among other things. Despite these safety measures, several fake iterations have been distributed via Google Play. There is room for improvement, indeed.

Nintendo have other mobile games in the works, such as Fire Emblem Heroes. Animal Crossing was also planned for March, but has recently been delayed to April onward.

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