Something you may not know about eSports is that teams operate much like traditional sports teams. That is, they have a strict training regimen, workout schedule and often go through organisational changes. For Complexity, these changes came in the form of veterans JKW and Harbleu taking a seat on the bench so that the team could try out other players in a minor tournament.

Now imagine how adding two new players to your roster could impact your performance against one of the best teams in North America in Immortals. Let’s take a look at what went down in game one of the Carbon Series.


Complexity started off on defence for the first map of the series, opting for a typical 3/2/1 composition on point A. Substitutes Kao and Txao were placed on Reinhardt and Zarya duties respectively. Immortals went for a full dive composition that really didn’t work out all that well up until the 1:30 mark. Everything started falling apart for Complexity at that point. On Immortals’ very last push, Nomy landed a pivotal Earthshatter that flipped point A in overtime.

Ouch. It didn’t stop there, either. There was some clear miscommunication when Immortals pushed out of the gate, with Txao launching a questionably timed Graviton Surge that Complexity was not able to follow up at all. Once Immortals turned toward the castle, GrimReality and and Hyped teamed up for an ultimate combo that sealed the deal on Eichenwalde. They would go on to win the round, and then the map with a full hold on point A.


Ah, yes. The bane of competitive Overwatch at all levels of play. Point A can usually be taken easily enough, but point B is a fortress built on tears and constipated stalemates. Both teams got a little creative on point A of round one, however, with Complexity fielding a Torbjorn on defence and Immortals sticking Hyped on Widowmaker. Immortals would end up with a very lucky boop by Verbo which eliminated Complexity’s DPS, resulting in a successful point A capture. Complexity would end up holding point B after some total chaos erupted right on the capture point. Seriously, there was like a good 30 seconds of pure, organised carnage. It was awesome. 1-0 Immortals on Hanamura.

Complexity would be unable to recover, fielding a rather impotent dive composition of their own on attack. Again, there were some obvious communication issues where Txao was often out of position and unable to flank as Tracer. Tork tried to pick up the slack as Genji, but he’d have little success. The final score would remain 1-0 in favour of Immortals.


Unless you’re brand new to Overwatch, you’ve probably noticed a trend on the game’s most vertical map: Justice raining from above. Pharah is my favourite DPS character in the game, and it makes me very happy to see so many teams using her on Oasis. Both teams would utilise the rocket spammer, but NicolasTJO from Complexity was the clear victor over Agilities from Immortals. He even got a couple of sick air-to-air kills on him.

Alas, it wouldn’t matter in the end. Though Complexity would salvage one round, Immortals would go on to take the other three, picking up their first win of Carbon Series.

For a team that played their first LAN tournament together just a few weeks ago, Immortals is strapping the Overwatch community to a chair and slapping them around. I’m not convinced there’s a better NA team out there apart from EnVyUs. The day GrimReality and Taimou go head-to-head is the day we’ll see who the better team is. Until then, both teams will surely enjoy a lot of success.

As for Complexity, they’ve been quite the underachievers as of late. It hurts to say that, because they’re one of my favorite teams. After a 6th place finish at MLG Vegas and losing in the semi-finals of the NGE Winter Premiere, you have to wonder what’s going on in the Complexity camp. You’ll see flashes in the pan from individual players, but it hasn’t been yielding the results everyone knows they’re capable of. Now with their roster changes for Carbon Series, one can only hope the seasoned team has an idea of what they need to do to win a tournament.

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