Blizzard recently posted a few more additions to their PTR server which will come as a lovely surprise for those who think Bastion’s had a pretty rough time of late.

With a few more changes to Roaghog, a lovely buff for Mercy players and something that makes Winston’s critical hitbox that little bit smaller. They’re definitely changes that, if they stick, should make a pretty interesting addition to the Overwatch meta setup that’s been so dominant in recent times.

The Bastion changes are the most drastic, with each of it’s three configurations seeing a tweak or two. Bastion’s Recon mode has had the bullet spread decreased by 25% and the magazine size increased by 5, making it a more viable option rather than the last resort it always seemed to be, just something getting from A to B before setting up in Sentry mode.

Speaking of the super powerful current configuration, that’ll see a mixed bag in terms of changes. The bullet spread has not only been increased, but it will always stay at the maximum spread rather than increasing with the amount of time fired, the clip size has been increased in line with the seemingly increased inaccuracy. The Sentry configuration will also no longer be able to deal critical damage on it’s targets; it might be more of a quantity over quality strategy from now on.

There were a few more changes to the Self-Repair ability, namely being able to use it whilst moving and not being interrupted by taking damage, and the Tank no longer grants bonus armour.

A huge buff for Bastion is the new passive ability Blizzard have bestowed on our favourite Ornithologist: they’re calling it Ironclad. It translates to Bastion taking 35% less damage while in Sentry or the Tank configuration. Pretty hefty from what was essentially a bullet-spewing death machine to begin with.

The other changes bring a decrease in spread to Roadhog’s Scrap Gun and another tweak to the Chain Hook: increasing the cool down from 6 to 8 seconds, and now only pulling targets 3.5 metres away instead of 2. Some people were grumbling that the previous changes to Roadhog (Chain Hook 2.0) actually made the character more powerful, instead of the slight nerf it was intended to be. This would certainly be a change that would put a halt to that.

The last change of note comes in the form of temporary invincibility for Mercy while she’s performing a revive. Tired of getting wasted after pulling your team out the mud? Rejoice!

The current PTR build has also added a Server Browser and kept the CTF game mode, great news for those who love finding those games with.. interesting rules.

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