Get your balls ready! That’s right, this years Pokémon World Championships is coming August 18-20. Over 2000 people gathered for last years event, half of which came strictly to experience real life random battles and compete in the tournament.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are the primary games being played as well as Pokkén Tournament, a title steadily growing in popularity. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokémon event without the good old fashioned Trading Card Game also in the mix. And no, Pokémon Go isn’t on the roster. We’re talking about real Pokémon Games here!

If you think you’re the very best that no one ever was, now’s the time to show and prove because that $500,000 prize pool is looking pret-ty good. There’s an infinite amount of goodies to purchase thanks to the Anaheim Convention Center being big enough to fit every piece of merchandise you could dream of. This is why these events attract so many people. It’s not just about the games and the competition but the social side of things are a huge draw, with friends and families all getting together for a good time.

Don’t worry if travelling stateside is an issue. Like most worldwide phenomenons, it’s only a matter of time before an event like this lands near you. Hit up Nintendo’s Official Channels for more info or come back to us for our handy reports. While you’re here, check out this sweet recap from last years event!

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