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Slightly Mad Studios upcoming racer, Project CARS 2, has recently had its trailer leaked online which reveals some pretty interesting details for the game.

Pretty much as soon as Project CARS launched back in 2015, Slightly Mad Studios unveiled Project CARS 2 and began seeking crowdfunding for the next entry into the series. While we’ve heard little about the game since then, however, a trailer for the game has leaked ahead of an official reveal, and it’s quite… revealing?

In the trailer, as you’d expect, are cars, plenty of them. Cars like the rare McLaren P1 GTR make an appearance, as well as the GT3 Huracan, and what could be a Porsche 935. There’s also a good old preview of some weather, we all love a bit of weather.

In terms of tracks, we can see what appears to be Brans Hatch, as well as some off-road tracks again, doused in weather effects like ice, rain, and of course, dirt! Could Project CARS 2 be trying to muscle in on the rallycross genre?

It’s a pretty interestingly look at what the game has in store for players. However this is all we’ve got to go by until we hear something from Slightly Mad Studios and, if they’re publishing the game again, Bandai Namco, which we believe they are.

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