Pandemic Review Board Overview

You may have noticed the odd tabletop review on n3rdabl3 over the last year or so. It’s a growing part of the n3rdisphere and it’s a part that a few of us at n3rdabl3 are really excited about. Some of us have even swapped from mainly being video gamers to mainly being tabletop gamers.

The thing is that these reviews have always seemed to come out of nowhere and there’s never really any kind of follow up. We review a game then it’s kind of left to drift in the n3rdabl3 waters without any lifeline. We’ve just been posting reviews and nothing else apart from the odd big news piece.

On top of that, they’ve been few and far between. Worse still, there’s been no real system to it. We’ve just been putting reviews on the site every now and then when we get our hands on a game that we think you’ll like. Without warning we post a review and dance off to play something else.

We haven’t really been happy about it. We love tabletop games and really want to run with tabletop content, but we haven’t really had a plan. Until now.

As of now you can expect tabletop content on a weekly basis. We’ll be reviewing a featured game every month and in the weeks running up to the monthly review we’ll be running with supporting content for that game. This supporting content isn’t just fluffy press release rewrites to get coal in the hype train furnace, we know that not everyone follows tabletop games so we’re going to try and slowly teach you everything you need to know about the month’s featured game before we get to the review so you can fully understand exactly what the game offers.

For example this month’s featured game is Marvel Legendary. So at the end of the month we’ll be reviewing the Marvel Legendary deck-building game and the Deadpool expansion. In the weeks running up to this you can expect features like an introduction to the deck-building genre where we’ll be outlining what you can expect from deck-building games, what sort of mechanics they use and some of the more popular games in the genre as well.

We’re hoping that by having more of a structure we can provide the level of content that makes tabletop content worthwhile and enjoyable for you guys. It’s something a few of us on the site are really passionate about so we’re excited to take it in this new direction with an actual plan.

While we’re still finding our feet in this area we’d love any feedback you have for us. Is there anything we’re doing you like? Anything you don’t like? Any feedback at all would help us so much.

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