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Today Ubisoft has kicked of the second season of content for their multiplayer tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Velvet Shell.

As with Season One, Operation Velvet Shell comes with two brand new operators and a new map, the latter of which will be free for all players. The Operators on the other hand can be purchased R6 Credits (with real money) or through Renown which has been earned in-game.

Operation Velvet Shell focuses on the Spanish special forces, Grupo Especial de Operacione, and introduces Mira and Jackal to the game. Mira has the ability to create “Black Mirrors” nearly indestructible one-way windows which can be punched into barricades or destructible walls. She also comes equipped with a Vector 45 ACP and an ITA12L as her primary weapons.

Jackal on the other hand comes with C7E and PDW9 as primary weapons and has the ability to spot fresh footprints of his enemies using his Eyenox Model III headset, the hotter the footprint, the more recently they’ve been left.

A new map set on the Ibiza coast line is also available. What’s more, the game has gone through a few navigational changes, with a new dynamic interface making activities such as challenges, news, and boosters, available in one place.

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