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Sony have announced the latest system software update for the PlayStation 4, update 4.50. This update will bring a number of features to the PlayStation 4 and is available now for people who would like to try it out in a beta state. This update will offer up some new options and cool features so let’s jump right in.

Right off the bat we have External HDD support coming to the PlayStation 4 consoles. Though upgrading the HDD in your console is not too hard, this option makes expanding the storage on your console much easier. With support for up to 8TB in size players will be able to connect a USB 3.0 HDD into the console to open up more space. You will be able to install applications directly to the external HDD and manage saves and other data through the settings menu.

Custom Wallpapers are coming with the update as well. This means you can set a screenshot taken in-game as your home screen wallpaper. You will also be able to adjust the drop-shadow, dimming on the function area and more. This will allow you to make your console even more personal than ever before. The quick menu will also be getting a refresh in the update. This will see improvements to make it more accessible by covering less of the gameplay screen and new access to many new options. The aim with these changes is to keep you in the game as much as possible.

The notification list will be reworked in update 4.50 as well. You can say goodbye to all the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen and find everything like Game Alerts, Downloads, Uploads, and more in one simplified list. There will also now be the ability to post directly into the activity feed. This shows up across the console and with update 4.50 you will be able to post text, screenshots, gifs and more into the activity feed. There will also be the option to tag games and more when posting to the activity feed. Last but not least, 3D Blu-rays will be playable on PlayStation VR as well.

That’s it for the PlayStation 4 system update 4.50. There is no release date for now but hopefully we won’t have to wait long as the above features all sound very promising.

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