Square Enix has today announced a new RPG project titled Project Prelude Rune, as well as a new development studio, Studio Istolia, that’ll be handling the new project.

Details are currently thin on the ground, but a few new concept teasers have been released as well as information about the studio and its staff. Hideo Baba, former producer of the ‘Tales of’ video games, will be heading the studio.

Baba will be working as the producer of Project Prelude Rune with the aim to “build a new RPG with a new fantasy: unfolding across a vast land teeming with life. Nurtured by the earth, the many peoples of this land dare to dream, fighting for what is just—and this is their tale.”

The name of the studio itself is also an interesting one, as Istolia originates from the Greek word Istoria which means “story”, a word that’s central to the studio’s “primary value”. So we can likely expect many games with rich, deep stories to come from this studio.

According to a NeoGAF post, this studio is made to launch a brand new RPG IP, not a single game. In addition, the studio is looking for planners, designers, and programmers with a focus on “high end systems” there’s also the mention of Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

The studio is apparently looking for Battle planners and programmers with action RPG experience, which gives us some indication as to what we can expect from Project Prelude Rune.

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