Square Enix Considering Final Fantasy XIV for Nintendo Switch

Be potentially prepared to fully say goodbye to all of your time as it’s being reported that Final Fantasy XIV is being considered for the Nintendo Switch.

According to The Sixth Axis and Nova Crystallis, one of the game’s producers, speaking at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt, discussed the possibility of bringing the game to the Switch during a talk. It looks as if Square Enix are keen to get the game on as many platforms as possible.

The only problem holding Square Enix back at the moment is ensuring that all versions of the game can interact with each other. Cross platform play on the Nintendo Switch is likely among many of the unanswered questions we have about the upcoming console which launches in a little over a week’s time.

Imagine if it were to happen? Though seeing as there’s no cellular capabilities in the Switch, you can probably kiss those dreams of playing the game during a commute goodbye.

Final Fantasy XIV initially launched in 2013 and is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PS3. The game is set to receive a brand new expansion, titled Stormblood, this June. Square Enix recently unveiled the Samurai job class as well as a handful of other information.