STEEP will be receiving a new free DLC pack that adds an Alaskan mountain to the already expansive range.

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The short teaser trailer doesn’t really give too much away however it’s sure to impress. The new mountain will bring with it a whole bunch of new events across all platforms. The new events will be listed as Branded Events, unique to the Alaskan region, before being rolled onto the Alps in a second stage, these events will reward players with Steep credits and reputation points.

The announcement comes with the release of update 1.04, live in game already. The update brought changes to jump accuracy, G-force impacts and a whole host of other tweaks and alterations.

Most notable of the 1.04 changes though is the addition of the Steep World Tour Tournament. A monthly tour event that will pit players through some intense challenges in order to prove who’s the best on the mountain. Starting with the Backcountry event where qualifiers will face a race down the cursed mountain.

Developers will also be cherry picking the best player created challenges and turning those into Community Challenges. These challenges will pit players against each other and the Steep team members themselves in order to become the challenge leader.

The Alaskan region will become available February 10.

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