Devolver Digital has unveiled a brand new horror game, Stories Untold, which from the very brief teaser looks as if it’s Stranger Things the Video Game.

From the announcement poster, to the teaser trailer, to the press kit, everything about Stories Untold echoes the incredibly popular Netflix Original TV show, Stranger Things, hell, even the way the title warps in is almost exactly the same. It’s not a complaint, just an observation, I mean, I’d love a Stranger Things game…

Anyway, Stories Untold is in development over at No Code and will be published by Devolver Digital. It’s set to arrive on Steam on February 27 and will “make you shit your pants” according to the subject header of the press release email we received.

Stories Untold is a narrative thriller made up from a “compilation tape” of four episodes including a remaster of The House Abandon.

The good news here however is that you don’t have to actually wait to get your claws into the game as the non-remastered The House Abandon pilot episode is available over on for free, so it’ll give you a taste of things to come.

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