During the Super Bowl this weekend, Netflix debuted a brand new trailer for their hit cult TV show, Stranger Things, getting us overly hyped for the second season, simply called Stranger Things 2.

Last year, Stranger Things became the talk of the town when everyone with a Netflix account sat through the entire first season within a weekend. It became hugely popular despite Netflix putting little in the way of promotion for the new series.

Of course, the first season stood incredibly well on its own, but fans wanted more calling for a second season. A second season was confirmed by Netflix last year though details on the returning cast were kept under wraps, however this new trailer has some familiar faces.

Eleven seems to make an appearance, as does Dustin, Mike, and Lucas, dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween. It also looks as if the Upside Down is becoming more a part of the town’s reality than first thought, with the biggest question being: what the hell is that giant monster?

Netflix also revealed that the new season would be coming this Halloween, which seems fitting.

Check out the trailer below:

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Holy shit I’m excited.

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