Great news for MMORPG players, The Exiled Realm of Arborea, abbreviated and referred to as TERA, has been published on Steam. More than 100 million gamers will come across the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game now, which could possibly revivify the rather forsaken fantasy world.

Although South Korean and Japanese gamers had been playing since 2011, the West had to wait for another year to experience Bluehole’s innovative ‘non-target battle system’ where you don’t just tab between enemies or click them, you actually have to manually aim to score hits. Subsequently, dodging requires you to move out of harm’s way.

TERA‘s Steam appearance goes hand in hand with brand new trading cards, badges and all the other bonuses. These are not yet available, but will be soon enough. Connecting your TERA account to a new or existing Steam account is only a matter of clicks.

To celebrate this rerelease, a new trailer has been made available to the public. If you’re eager to dive into TERA immediately, visit the relevant Steam page.

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