I remember back in 2002, all my friends somehow managed to get their hands on a Nokia 3210. At the time it was one of the best mobile phones around, why? Because it had Snake, then there’d be those who’d get their hands on a 3310, those were the rich kids who were on daddy’s call plan. I on the other hand was stuck with my Philips TCD 128.

However 2017 might just be the year that I finally get my hands on a Nokia 3310 as the company plans to relaunch “the most reliable mobile phone” at MWC 2017 according to Evan Blass.

After almost 17 years after its launch the 3310 may be making a comeback for €59 no less. Apparently Nokia plan to re-release the phone as a way of getting long battery life and an almost-indestructible form factor. Though mostly people will purchase the phone purely for nostalgia.

Of course seeing as Nokia aren’t the same Nokia we once knew and loved, the phone will actually be manufactured by Finnish company HMD Global who purchased the rights to the name last year.

Though there likely isn’t a market for dumb phones, as they’re now called, I’m sure there’s definitely a market for those wanting a phone that requires charging once a week, and play Snake in its most purest form.

Now to pay a premium fee of £5 to get a stupid little pixel banner to replace the carrier icon… Does Jamster even exist any more?


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