Sony Vita 2 maybe
Could This be it!?

Considering Sony’s lack of Vita support during the latter years of its release, it may come as a surprise to see that they might be gearing up to give the mobile gaming thing another go. Sketches of potential designs have been issued by the Japanese Patent Office via a document filed in August 2015 but posted online a few days ago.

As you can see, the drawing is somewhat reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, due to release next week Friday on March 3. The chance of removable controllers seem moderate and the idea of it doubling up as some kind of tablet device also looks to be possible. That being said, this could all be one giant porkie pie considering that patents are usually just a way for a company to protect their ideas.

My only question is, why is Sony still entertaining the mobile market when they’ve managed to usurp the throne this generation with the PS4? The powerhouse that was the PSP has sold 80 million units to date whilst the Vita lags behind at a measly 15 million. When stood opposite its rival known as the 3DS which commands an army of 64 million, one can only wonder if the handheld market is a fight worth fighting or if Sony has a trick up their sleeve.

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