Where was Thor during Captain America: Civil War? Well, apparently he was acting like the worst flatmate since Chandler Bing.

I’ve noticed that the new Thor Ragnorak trailer doesn’t really hold a lot of information about what the actual film is going to be about. What we know so far is that The Hulk will be rolling up and the movie will be partially adapt a storyline called Planet Hulk.

Planet Hulk, for those who don’t know, follows Bruce Banner being marooned on a distant Gladiator world after the covert intellectual superhero team, The Illumanti, comprised off Tony Stark, Professor X, Black Bolt, Mr Fantastic, and Namor, decided The Hulk was dangerous on Earth.

That, of course, goes horribly wrong and The Hulk returns and wages World War Hulk.

Meanwhile, Ragnorak was the event that caused Thor to resign from the Avengers and return to Asgard when the fabled Asgardian doomsday had been triggered. Though it was hinted in Age of Ultron that it kind of got left on the editing room floor. I mean Loki is impersonating Odin and that can’t be very good.

If I’m honest, Thor is my least favourite Avenger. The films are good, but not my favourite of the Marvel movies. Thor is my opinion, isn’t a hugely interesting character, and the first one told the only interesting Thor story, Thor learning a lesson about humility.

The second one looked great but was just cashing in on the unexpected success of the many people liking Loki, which is okay, but does it really justify a third entry into the franchise?

Loki is not really the most marketable of all the characters. There isn’t a huge toy line you can produce off Thor into comparison with Iron man and his many different armours.

Will Thor save the day and get back to Earth in time for Infinity War Part One? We’ll have to find out on October 27th.

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Oh and in case you missed part one, here’s that too:

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