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For Honor is set to launch in a little over a week’s time and while we know Ubisoft plans to support the game with a Season Pass that’ll add new heroes to their melee fighting game, what we don’t know is whether those heroes will belong to the three Factions that’ll come to the game at launch.

Currently, players can choose to be a part of three different factions, Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. Each of these factions have their own units each with varying skills and difficulties and offer their own unique play styles.

So that got us thinking… what other Factions could be added to For Honor? With such a massive history of armies to go through, we’ve taken our pick of the top three and what sort of units they could offer.

The Roman Army

The Roman Army, or the Military of Ancient Rome is a faction that has to be added to For Honor. Having survived from 753 BC – AD 476 this faction would be a force to be reckoned with and offers a series of different troops which could be used within the game.

For the more lower-tier Vanguard unit, players could choose the standard Roman soldier, Extraordinarii, who is often found on the front line of battle. This unit could be fairly balanced wielding both a sword and shield, which would be unusual for a Vanguard, but it’d definitely shake things up a bit. Alternatively, a Roman Gladiator could fill this spot.

In terms of a more complex warrior, the Roman faction could see a character wielding a Hasta, a javelin-type weapon that’d be a worth opponent to the Viking’s Valkyrie and the Samurai’s Nobushi.

Another advantage Roman warriors would have over the Viking and Samurai factions is their armour and of course the well known Roman shield or Scutum. In addition, during Dominion battles the game’s AI units could get into the Testudo formation as they pile towards objective B, that would be pretty impressive to see.

The Mongol Army

We’ve all heard of Genghis Khan, right? Well what about bringing the Mongol Army into For Honor? This army is probably most known for its tactics, so maybe Mongol units could have some sort of perk which helps them create tactics on the fly?

In terms of units themselves, the Mongols were well known for fighting on top of horses so it’d seem fitting for horses to be introduced into the game. Of course adding an insanely powerful weapon such as a horse will likely cause some disadvantages among the other factions, however the units on top of the horse could be much weaker in terms of defences?

One thing For Honor is lacking is a ranged character. I get the focus on melee here, but it’d be nice for players to be able to take a step back and perhaps pick off their opponents from a distance. Though again, this would be awkward for 1v1 and 2v2 battles, however this unit could perhaps also wield a small sword or dagger for melee combat.

Spartan Army

Noted as one of the most feared military forces in the Greek world, this Faction seems almost like it belongs in For Honor. Warriors in this army were drafted for war at such a young age meaning all they’ve ever known is fighting. What’s more, they were put through almost torturous training regimes in order to get them acclimatised to almost every condition.

Much like the Roman army, units in this faction would also wield an Aspis, a shield similar to the Scutum, which itself could be used as a weapon, giving players a more two-handed offensive approach in battle rather than using it purely for defences.

Aside from the shield, Spartans were pretty well known for their use of spears, which again would become pretty formidable against other factions with longer ranged melee weapons. In addition, the Spartan Xiphos was more of a dagger than a sword giving advanced mobility to warriors in this Faction.

One benefit the Spartan faction could have over others is their preference for mobility over armour. Sure, it’d leave them pretty vulnerable, but it’ll also make them much quicker on the battlefield, perhaps with an enhanced dodging ability, allowing them to get out of the way of the more heavy handed weapons other Factions wield.

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