Steam Greenlight, a weird side of Steam in which developers can put their games to a vote as to whether players want to see that game on Steam, will soon be no more as Valve has announced that it’s putting an end to Greenlight in favour of Steam Direct.

Steam Direct, in short, is a way for developers to essentially pay their way onto Steam. Steam Direct will require developers to register with Valve to face approval, once approved developers will then be able to publish games to Steam as they please.

Fortunately for those worried that Steam will soon be full of low-quality games, Valve has assured us that this won’t be the case saying that there’ll be a recoverable fee per game submitted, though ultimately the end result is the same: more games on Steam.

Ever since Steam Greenlight was announced, the amount of games being released through this system has increased exponentially. Now, Steam is absolutely chock-full of games so Valve has been working on ways to show people games they might find interesting. The latest effort is of course the recently overhauled Discovery feature.

According to Valve, Steam Direct is the next step in these improvements, however it won’t be coming into place until Spring this year. It’ll require developers to sign up by filling out a number of forms “similar to the process of applying for a bank account”.

As for the “recoupable fee” Valve has mentioned, they currently don’t have a figure in mind but have revealed that they’ve spoken with several developers who have offered figures ranging from $100 to $5,000 which admittedly is a little steep. Seeing as many had complaints about Greenlight’s $100, if the fee were to be any more, it’d be almost impossible for smaller developers to get the money together to have their games added to Steam.

What are your thoughts? Does Steam Direct seem like a good idea, or is this just going to hurt smaller developers who can’t afford the $100+ fees?




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