A few days ago, EA’s community manager had the Internet up in arms after Tweeting #skate4, presumably hinting that EA was working on a new Skate title, however EA has now addressed the rumour and have flat out denied that it’s happening.

As we’re coming towards March, the end of the financial year for most companies, their financial reports and investor calls are begging to take place. EA held their quarterly investor call yesterday and during a Q&A period said it’s “not presently making Skate 4.”

That’s pretty much the crux of it. Skate 4 isn’t happening… yet. This doesn’t mean that it’ll never happen, I mean can EA not see the demand for the game? However it’s just not happening right now.

While it’s disappointing, it’s also an interesting statement as it now puts focus on whatever Tony Hawk is working on.

Until then, I guess we could continue to play the backwards compatible Skate 3 on Xbox One…

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