10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game

The announcement of TellTale’s Guardians of the Galaxy got our team here at n3rdabl3 thinking: “What ridiculous IPs would we want to see the developers make next?!” Well, there were too many to go through, but we did narrow it down to a Top 10 of sorts.

Let us know in the comments which ones you would like to see.

#10) Monty Python and the Holy Grail

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

This one is courtesy of our very own Damian Alonzo… Go to Camelot. It’s not as silly as they say. What if you didn’t get the Knights who say Ni a shrubbery? Assuming the role of King Arthur would give you control of all of these scenarios. Giving you the chance to fart in the general direction of anyone you want. Did that woman turn YOU into a newt as well? Maybe you could choose to answer the questions for the bridge keeper, in turn saving the rest of your party from getting shot off.

Come on TellTale, this one has serious potential.

#9) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Never Ending TellTale Games

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

Each episode could follow a different character. Perhaps in a later episode you could play as Moaning Mertle? The entirety of the episode would be choosing whether to scare students or just keeping crying. OR the episode could follow all of the familiar ghosts that haunt the halls of Hogwarts? Wouldn’t we all like to see Ron make a move on Hermione a lot sooner?

Lets face it, that shit was dragged out. Play as Harry and choose which spells to cast, win or lose Quiditch matches, that’s on you now, could you handle that pressure?!

I mean, probably.

#8) South Park


10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

It goes without saying that this would be excellent. My friend Zeb pitched this one to me. You could play a new kid or existing one within the town that starts to hang out with Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman.

Your goal is simple, don’t let Kenny get killed. The catch? ALL of your choices revolve around Cartman, and Cartman being Cartman would rarely listen to the choices you make and most likely end up doing his own thing instead. Which means Kenny is probably going to die.

This would allow for hilarious 4th wall breaks where you would have him questioning why you wanted to do that, most likely ending with him telling you to fuck off and making the gang do things his way. “Screw you guys, I’m going home”.

#7) The Matrix

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

Okay, this one actually makes a ton of sense. Like, how is this not on TellTale’s roster already? Playing as Neo would be great, BUT, what if this series came before the Matrix Trilogy?

Picture being able to play as Morpheus! A younger, less-wise Morpheus. Your journey begins right as you’re “unplugged” and follows him up to the events of him meeting Neo.

You learn how to fight, decide who to love, and pick your own crew to pilot the Nebuchadnezzar. What happened to him as a younger man? How long has he been unplugged. How and when did he learn about Neo? Seriously TellTale, this needs to happen.

#6) Deadpool

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

Okay, so even though Guardians of the Galaxy is on it’s way. Who wouldn’t want to have a TellTale game revolving around the merc with a mouth?

This IP could involve endless 4th wall breaks. Instead of him deciding what choices to make he could ask for your opinion, so the choices are literally your own. Then when things go wrong he could face the screen and give you shit for making a dumb choice.

Pretty much any storyline would work, but personally I’d like to see this happen with Wolverine involved some how.

#5) The Office

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

(Again this one is Damian’s brain child) You play as Dwight, who becomes quite the opportunist when Michael Scott is called in for his deposition regarding his relationship with Jan. You can inflate the small office issues and potentially choose to fabricate others, leading to Michael being terminated along with Jan, and Dwight being promoted to Branch Manager.

What if Josh declined his offer with Staples? Stamford absorbs Scranton, and Michael then has to choose between a demotion or leaving to start the Michael Scott Paper Company.

#4) Jurassic Park

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3


This one doesn’t even need to follow the movies or books. The premise alone has enough to become it’s own entity. You could assume the role of a tourist, caught in the thick of everything when shit inevitably hits the fan. I see this IP being a lot like the Walking Dead series but with dinosaurs instead of Walkers.

The series could go one of two ways. You either make choices to get to the boats before they all leave, or, you need to survive on the island long enough to find a way off. I feel like the latter would be a longer series.

With dinosaurs hot on your tail every choice you make means life or death. You’re trapped in a museum with a pack of Raptors, do you hide in the cabinet or try to pick the lock before they sniff you out? Would you be able to sacrifice a companion just to save your own skin?

#3) Pretty Much Any Disney Movie Ever

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

Lets face it, the Disney movies would be perfect for the TellTale treatment. So many storyline changes could be made! You could take the stories and make them darker, or just absolutely muck them up.

You could play as Stitch and just wreck the entire island, choosing to never listen to Lilo and just get in all sorts of trouble. I don’t know about you but if I was Bell I would have touched that rose. In Toy Story you could never see Andy again if you don’t make the right choice. If I was Jack Skellington I’d highjack more than just Christmas, that’s right Easter Bunny, I’m coming for you! What if as Aladdin you chose to never rub the lamp?? The game would then follow you as a street rat, stealing from vendors and maybe even the castle? Shit, that’d be like TellTale meets Assassins Creed wouldn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to see that?

#2) Golden Girls

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

You play as Balnche Devereaux, owner of the house these four older, single ladies reside in. The TellTale version would take place right before Sophia is forced to move in after her retirement home burns down. Episode One’s premise is Blanche keeping up with the argument that Dorothy and Rose are having as they’re both moving in on the same day and they both want the same room of the house.

Now, Blanche is notorious for her various sexual antics and you’ll get to experience the love and heartbreak of dating as a widow. Though the bigger obstacle is dealing with your three new roommates as they shoot snide comments and speak fluent sarcasm, it’ll be hard to take sides. Helping Rose with dating advise, talking with Dorothy about her mother and putting up with the spit-fire Sophia, you’ll need to be the rock to support this house.

The right choices when it comes to finding the new love and keeping the peace at the home will determine the outcome of the game. Your friendship with the other ladies will determine everything. Thank you, for being a friend.

We are all waiting for Gage to hear back from TellTale on this one, because, well its gold.

And finally…

#1) Friends

10 Ridiculous IPs Telltale Need to Make into a Game - n3rdabl3

This idea comes from our fearless leader, Aaron Richardson, and I can’t think of a more ridiculous show to get the TellTale twist. A series of episodes that basically play out the same as the TV show.

“The One With The Late Thanksgiving” Surely we all remember this episode? Monica decides that she’s not making Thanksgiving dinner this year, so players, as Phoebe, have to try and convince Monica to make dinner. If successful, they’ll then be presented with the option to either go to dinner, or attend the Tri-State baby beauty contest with Emma, players must try and get Rachel on board.

Meanwhile, Ross offers Chandler one of three prime tickets for the New York Rangers, players must try to convince Ross not to go, however this is an incredibly complex string of dialogue, and even if the player is successful, Ross and Joey go anyway (Because TellTale choices rarely make a difference).

This results in both Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe arriving to dinner an hour late and must attempt to get inside Monica’s apartment.

The end of the episode sees Joey getting his head stuck in the door, and players need to find the right solution to get Joey out, ultimately resulting in Joey crashing into Thanksgiving dinner.

Feel like you have a good idea? Leave it in the comments below. We get enough ideas TellTale is bound to listen to one of them!

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