10tons Announces Slow-mo Top-down Shooter Time Recoil

10tons, the developer behind Crimsonland and the recently released Xenoraid, has today announced a brand new game, Time Recoil, a game where killing enemies slows down time.

Time Recoil is a top-down twin-stick shooter with a twist. While at a glance it looks almost like any other game of the same genre, in this game, each kill will trigger a slow motion effect, essentially allowing the player to string together fantastic kill combos as time gradually slows down and charges up special moves.

These special moves become more powerful as the player continues their carnage starting from a simple dash to an incredibly powerful Psy-weapon.

“Time Recoil has a laser sharp focus on great slow motion shooter gameplay. Kill to slow time and keep killing to charge the increasingly spectacular special move. As you can see in the videos, you’ll be in the ground zero for some invigorating explosive slow motion action.” says Sampo Töyssy, Lead Designer of Time Recoil and Vice CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Time Recoil is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the second quarter of this year. Check out the alpha trailer below to get a taste of the fast-paced yet slow-motion gameplay:

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