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Have you ever found yourself watching a villain on your screen and thinking “I’d be friends with that guy”? Because if so, you’re not alone.

Whether it’s their snide one-liners that we catch ourselves laughing at or their overly theatrical performance as they reveal their plan to us, sometimes villains aren’t exactly fear inducing.

Here are some bad guys that we actually kind of miss after the big battle is over and the credits start rolling!

It’s worth noting that this post may contain some serious story spoilers. You have been warned!

Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)

Personally, I can’t think of anyone other video game character that has this big of a glamorous and entertaining entrance. Pagan Min strolls onto the scene in his big fancy helicopter and fuschia suit, Kills a guy and takes a selfie with you.

Villainous tendencies aside, there’s something about his personality that could make anyone chuckle. Troy Baker gives a great voice acting performance in this game, ensuring that everyone both fears and is curious about the ruthless ruler of Kyrat.

Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

Next up is our favourite dictator of Pandora. Scene-stealer, power seeker, call this masked villain what you may but he’s just an angry, messed up guy trying to avenge his daughter… right? Questionable, maybe, but from the looks of it, this guy clearly had a rough time from the start.

Considering himself the hero of the story, Jack serves as a cunning villain who likes to taunts you relentlessly along your travels and flaunt his power for all of the world to see. All in all, he’s not exactly evil. He’s just a guy who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Plus, let’s be real, you look forward to his ridiculous taunting. 

Gwyn (Dark Souls)

At one point, Gwin could have been considered a hero, spearheading the force that brought down the age of dragons and welcomed in a new age of prosperity. However, when the flame began to burn out, he got reckless. Because Gwin clung to the age of fire and upset the natural order of the cycle, it can be argued (depending on how you look at it,) that he is the reason everything is happening in Dark Souls.

As the final boss and literal barrier to the biggest choice of the game (keeping the flame alive or snuffing it out) it’s up to the player to decide whether Gwin is a guilty man or a desperate one who was just acting for his people.

Guzma (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

Pokemon’s newest villain might be power-hungry but he is also kinda impressionable…Erratic and impulsive, Guzma claims he wants to wreak havoc and other vile things but in the shadow of Lusamine it’s revealed he’s not exactly on board with all of the destructiveness that comes along with it.

After decidedly disbanding his group of Team Skull, Guzma decides to becomes just your ordinary trainer striding to be a trial captain with just a hint of attitude. Just maybe, we can all see a little bit of Guzma in ourselves?

GlaDOS (Portal)

Heavy on the sarcasm and sorely lacking any form of remorse, GlaDOS is a robot you don’t want to piss off – except when you actually do, you end up getting escorted by her and her hilariously passive aggressive commentary for the rest of the game.

Despite being the antagonist for the first Portal series, it’s hard to imagine the game being the same without her relentless jabs.

Josh Washington (Until Dawn)

I feel bad even putting this guy on the list considering his situation because while he is technically a villain… isn’t he justified even a tiny bit? Josh starts off as everyone’s friend, the life of the party (maybe Sam’s potential boyfriend?) and the brother in mourning. Losing his sisters a year before the game takes place did quite the number on him and the blame he put on his friends (which wasn’t exactly misplaced,) got the best of him.

By the end, Josh’s plans for revenge are ruined when Mike saves Chris and Ashley from the consequences of a terrible choice. Even though he pleads he never actually wanted to hurt anybody, Josh’s ploy is kind of messed up.

So that’s our list – what’s yours? Who are you favourite villains? Let us know in the comments down below!

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