So, you’re getting a Nintendo Switch on launch day? That’s pretty exciting stuff, new hardware is enough to excite anyone. But how do you survive Day One with your new console? What else do you need that isn’t named Zelda? Do I need to snap every time I say, “switch?” If you can’t answer these questions, then you have come to the right place. 

I have put together the ultimate guide for getting through Day One with your brand spanking new Nintendo Switch. Below you’ll read about what you need to sign up for, the accessories you need to buy and things to look forward to. As long as you stick to this guide I guarantee you’ll have a fantastic Switchmas on March 3. 

Nintendo Account ID: Right now you can go ahead and claim your Nintendo Account ID, the name you’ll use online while playing your Switch. Now, this username is different from your Nintendo Network ID, which is the ID you would use on your Wii U or 3DS. The cool thing about the Nintendo Account ID is that they’re not set in stone, for now, and can be changed to a new name as long as it’s six characters long and it’s original. 

You can set up your new Nintendo username here. The unfortunate part is, “Gage” is already taken even though I called dibs. No one respects dibs anymore.

The Nintendo Switch is launching with ten games, a small handful but includes one powerhouse title. Out of those ten, in my mind, there are only three to four titles to own right away and maybe less if you don’t care for multiplayer games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Unless you live in a hole, under a rock or in the arctic tundra, you know what Zelda is and how incredible this game looks. We’re a few days out from the embargo on this title but the hype has been through the roof for years now. With a huge open world to travel, collectables to find, dungeons to explore, enemies to defeat, tons of side quests and a huge main story to complete, this game looks to be Nintendo’s version of The Witcher 3 and that’s a good thing. 

Changing the formula, Breath of the Wild is the first “open air” Zelda game of the series and looks to top the lists in Game of the Year discussions. Breath of the Wild will see a huge attach rate to the Switch and take up countless hours of your time while you wait for other big name, first party titles to launch. 

Snipperclips – Cut it Out, Together!: Recently announced to be a launch title, Snipperclips brings a puzzle based, multiplayer game sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face. Gameplay is centered around cutting paper characters into new shapes to complete each scenario the game throws at you. It’s a cute, cooperative game based around puzzles and activities that you can play alone or with three friends and looks to be a great party game for all ages. Available on the eShop on March 3 for $19.99, Snipperclips should be an instant add to your Nintendo Switch line-up. 

After Breath of the Wild and Snipperclips, the lineup takes a bit of a dive. Most of the games launching with the console are passable but the next two are worth looking into. 

Super Bomberman R: Bomberman is back and he is blasting onto the Switch on March 3. Super Bomberman R keeps the core experience that the games of old were based on, placing bombs and blowing up enemies. The game features photo-real graphics, 3D stages with dynamic environments, and a full story featuring 50 stages. The game also includes Battle Mode, which pits you and up to seven friends against each other in local multiplayer or online battles. 

1-2 Switch: 1-2 Switch seems like the perfect pack-in game for the Nintendo Switch. It shows off the new capabilities of the Joy-Con remotes and gets the whole family involved. Much like Wii Sports, 1-2 Switch is a great introduction to Nintendo’s new console but after a few mini-games, it can grow kind of stale. The game can be used to settle bets between friends but not a title you’re going to spend a ton of time with. Personally, I would love to see this title jump to the eSports scene. Two people trying to milk a virtual cow better than one another for a large sum of money? What could be more entertaining? 

With a new game console, you know you’re going to pick up a few accessories. While the contents of the box set you up to play games immediately, you may need some extra peripherals to keep you going. I would recommend saving these links for later on when they go up for sale.

Pro Controller: Don’t freak out, obviously the Switch comes with a controller. The Frankenstein combination of the Joy-Cons and the grip offer a standard controller that is less than desirable. The controller is small and has even smaller buttons making for an awkward experience. The Pro Controller is slightly bigger than a Dual Shock 4 (PlayStation 4) controller and is the recommended controller to use. The only problem is they may be in short supply at launch. Stay glued to that Amazon page, call into your local retailers and jump on one when you get a chance. 

Nintendo Switch Dock Set: Nintendo is selling a separate dock for their new console allowing you to take your Switch into any room and play from any television. This saves you from buying a brand new console just to get a second dock. Not necessary for everyone but for those who would rather play on a TV than on the small screen when moving from room to room, it’s a nice addition.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case: If you travel a lot and want to take your Switch on the go, do yourself a favour and get a carrying case. It will save you a ton of trouble keeping everything together, plus the first-party carrying cases include a screen protector. In my opinion, it is absolutely worth it.

USB-C Charging Cord: The Switch does not include a charging cable in the box, only the dock to do all of your charging needs. Picking up a few extra charging cords could save you some hassle while playing from the Switch’s gamepad. USB-C cables are very popular these days and there’s a good chance you already own one. If not, they’re easy to find and relatively cheap.

Micro SD Card: The Switch comes with 32 GB of storage out of the box and with Zelda alone taking up 40% of that, it may be worthwhile to upgrade that storage right away. Luckily, Nintendo has made it pretty easy for you to do so, just pop in a bigger SD Card and you’re good to go! To get the most bang for you buck I recommend the 128 GB SD Card which is currently $39.99 on

Following the launch of the console, you have much more to look forward to. Starting with E3, you can expect a slew of new announcements for the console and add more games to your wish list. Plus Second Quarter (Q2) releases such as Arms and Splatoon 2 and Nintendo’s premium online service launching later this year. As a Switch owner, the launch will be slow but there is a bright future ahead. Nothing can be as bad as the life of the Wii U, right?

So there you have it, you’re now prepared to take on the weekend, call in sick for a few days and spend quality time with your Nintendo Switch. Make sure to bookmark the pages above and sign up for the alerts so you have a better chance at getting the harder to obtain items. And be sure to keep coming back to n3rdabl3 for more Switch news, reviews and everything else.

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