A Letter from the Editor: Welcome to!

Today is a big deal for us here at n3rdabl3 because overnight we made a massive change to our branding. While we’re still the same old n3rdabl3 as before, we’re no longer tied to our “” domain. Today is the first day we begin life as and we’re super excited for the future.

Earlier this week I explained the reason for the change briefly over Twitter, but I thought I’d elaborate a little more. For the past (almost) five years, we’ve grown exponentially both as a publication and as a team and while our UK branding wasn’t so much of an issue at first, now we have a much broader international reach and team members based across the globe we thought it was about time we became more of a global brand than something that appeared UK-based.

This new moniker allows us to be a unified team and continue to offer content that isn’t tied down to a region, and we’re excited about that.

While I can’t say too much, we have a lot of great things planned for the future such as charity events, increased coverage on some of our less touched-on categories, and many more appearances at events across the globe.

The future is looking incredibly bright and we can’t wait to share that with you! To everyone who’s supported us so far, thank you! Just don’t forget to update your bookmarks.