Adblock Plus Parent Company Announces Members of Acceptable Ads Committee

Last year we sat down with Adblock Plus to discuss the future of ad blocking and what their plans for the future may be. One of those plans was to put together an independent committee for their Acceptable Ads initiative, and now, Adblock Plus parent company, eyeo, has announced the first members of the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC).

Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads initiative was a way for publishers and advertisers to work with Adblock Plus to have certain ads which adhered to several guidelines whitelisted within the Adblock Plus plugin, provided the user opted in. When it began in 2011 Adblock Plus was solely responsible for deciding the guidelines and what ads are, and are not acceptable.

Now however, The AAC will take full authority over these criteria and the compromise between users who want to block ads, and publishers to rely on ad revenue. Interestingly, while the committee of 11 members is made up of mostly industry experts, one seat is filled by “an ordinary user” who’ll represent the consumers’ demands of the online advertising industry.

The AAC will manage all aspects of the Acceptable Ads criteria and whitelisting followed by Adblock Plus, AdBlock, AdBlock Browser, and Crystal. This will ultimately allow users to choose to block unwanted ads while allowing through better and more respectful ads.

The Committee itself will have a maximum of 11 seats which represent nine member groups. Currently there are eight seats filled, two of the three Digital Rights seats and the “ordinary user” seat have yet to be finalised. You can find the current member list on the Acceptable Ads website.

Now that Acceptable Ads are independent from Adblock Plus, will you consider opting in, or are no-ads the way to go?