All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter Fully Funded in 5 Days

inbetweengames has today announced that their recent Kickstarter campaign for their Tech-Noir Tactics game, All Walls Must Fall, has hit its initial funding target of €15,000 in just five days.

Unveiled last week, All Walls Must Fall is an isometric tactical game in which players must get to the bottom of who set off a nuclear attack. Working with the beat of the music players have just a day to figure out what went wrong and have the ability to pause time to figure out the right choices.

Now inbetweengames has hit the €15,000 funding target work begins on reaching the various stretch goals set out for the game. The first goal, with a target of €20,000, will introduce Vandalism into the game, an extended cover system, more destructible objects, and the ability to knock down walls with the “cybernetic fist”. There’s also the addition of an Acid Techno track from Jukio Kallio.

“We are ecstatic to reach our initial funding goal for All Walls Must Fall, in the first five days and would like to thank every backer that has belief in our vision, so we can turn this into a reality,” said Jan David Hassel, Designer of inbetweengames. “We are excited about pushing our vision for All Walls Must Fall further, with the announcement of two stretch goals of Vandalism! And Act 2: West Berlin”.

If players manage to hit the €20,000 target, other stretch goals will also be unlocked, such as bringing Act 2: West Berlin in the closed alpha.

For more information, to pledge, and to see what other stretch goals are in store, check out the Kickstarter campaign.


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