Amazon Delays Opening of Cashier-less Amazon Go Stores

Amazon Go, the dream that we’d never have to interact with a cashier who’s having a bad day, might just be that as the company has revealed that it’s delaying the launch due to being unable to handle more then 20 customers at a time.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the technology required for Amazon Go stores to charge customers as they leave, completely breaks down if more than 20 shoppers are in-store at once, or if shoppers move too quickly. In order to try and figure-out a fix, Amazon is delaying the launch of Amazon Go.

Amazon announced the concept last year with plans to open up its first store, which is located in Seattle, to the public this year. The idea was that, using an array of sensors, customers could simply walk into stores, pick up goods, and walk out, with the items being charged to their Amazon account.

These high-tech cameras and sensors were, in theory, able to track the customers, the products they pick up, and the products they walk out with, however it seems the technology isn’t ready just yet.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that as well as being unable to handle more than 20 customers walking at what I can only assume is the average speed of a human, the system also breaks when products are placed in the wrong location. So if a customer changes their mind and places the product elsewhere in the store, the system malfunctions.

There’s currently no word on when Amazon plans to relaunch Amazon Go.

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