Anticipated PS4 Firmware Arriving Today

Sony has confirmed that the System Software Update 4.50 will be available starting today, introducing the brand new Boost Mode feature. This highly anticipated beast mode will increase performance for games that have never received the PlayStation 4 Pro treatment.

Developers have the opportunity to patch so called “legacy games” to use the additional firepower found inside the PS4 Pro, but not every studio bothers with this opportunity. Therefore Sony decided to build the Boost Mode, which will improve games with variable frame rates. It should be possible to run them at 30Hz or 60Hz without any FPS lag. Records show up to 38% increased frame rates can be achieved and enabling Boost Mode can also reduce loading times.

Firmware 4.50 has other interesting things to offer: the 2D images, such as the ones on the home screen, have been significantly improved for PS VR users. Sony also increased the maximum frame rate in cinematic mode to 120Hz and voice chat can now be used during Remote Play on Windows, Mac and Xperia hardware.