Ape Out is a Smash Em Up With a Clash of Colour

If you love smash ’em ups and smooth jazz, then you’ll love Ape Out! Developed by Gabe Cuzzillo and published by Devolver Digital, Ape Out is an intense smash ‘em up where you play an ape escaping to freedom as you encounter your captors along the way!

Its style is very simple yet effective. Colours and sound are the main parts of the game; as you encounter enemies during your escape, cymbals crash and drums thump while bright blood splatters cover the floors. You can use enemies as shields or weapons to attack, or you can take the satisfying approach of charging into them. The game itself leads you through winding corridors, traps and obstacles, as well as some fun interactions with them.

Currently there is a playable trailer, available on their website, so you can try out Ape Out before it’s release in the summer! Cuzzillo says the game “captures that childlike sense of wonder in a very profound and meaningful way and also adds a drum beat”, and it definitely does that! It takes the mixture of satisfaction and childish curiosity and clashes them together in this game.

Ape Out is out in Summer 2017. For more information and to play the trailer, visit and follow @GabeCuzzillo on Twitter!