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Polish your 3D manoeuvre gear and manoeuvre your ass to the sofa on April 1st because Attack on Titan is back! It’s been 4 years since the franchise first hit the Internet so this old friend is more than welcome to visit. Here, take my spare key. Make yourself a sandwich why don’t you? In fact, you can sleep in my bed. I’ll take the floor.

Attack on Titan was one of those rare Anime series that was able to transcend the medium. I came across many individuals who don’t usually watch Japanese cartoons but somehow found themselves watching this entire series, whether by being forced to by a friend or giving the first 5 minutes a chance after accidentally finding it on Netflix.

With all the accolades and positivity surrounding the series, I can only assume the franchise has made a bunch of money. And giving Wit Studio money is like putting a Lion in a Battle Suit created by Tony Stark. It was already a fearsome beast and now you’ve just turned it into a Metal Gear.

I’m particularly interested in this season because I believe that AoT is also one of the only Anime shows that adapted the source material in such a unique way that it turned out better than the original work. (In my humble opinion) After the first series ended, I compelled myself to read the Manga as I couldn’t fathom having to wait even a year for more content. However, after roughly 15-20 chapters into the story beyond the Anime, I found myself shockingly bored and surprised at how slow and uninteresting the plot became.

Hence my anticipation. The directors at the helm of this ship have definitely proven that they can take poop and turn it into chocolate. Catch season 2 on Funimation’s streaming platform or on your “anime acquisition website” of choice.

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