Bad Superhero Movies that Deserve Oscars

Earlier this week Suicide Squad won an Oscar, it was for best Make up and Hair Styling, so nothing too exciting, though I reckon there are a whole bunch of other bad superhero movies that could have a chance at an Oscar.

I know it’s not like Suicide Squad won an award for acting or the coveted best movie of the year. Though if you look at the critic response, it’ll probably baffle future generations, that is until they got a to a comic book convention and meet the devoted army of Harley Quinn cosplayers.

Of course, each one of the movies I’m about to mention deserves (or even has) a Razzie which is the Oscars in reverse and reward bad quality movies. Oh and I’ve seen each one of these movies. So bad luck Superman IV The Quest for Peace.

Green Lantern – Yes the CGI effects are dreadful, Yes they totally butchered the origin story of Hal Jordan, and the at least interesting mythology of Green Lantern is totally butchered.

Peter Sarsgaard who played Hector Hammond, a crazed big headed telepath gave an epic performance as a diabolical villain worthy of a Best Supporting Actor Award.

It’s Sargaard who winked on to how bad this movie was going to be bad he went down fighting, giving the best performance he could.

Spider-man 3 – Yes Sam Rami was apparently forced to insert the Symbiote Saga into his third Spider-man adventure and that was the huge downfall of the movie. Though those last 10 or 15 minutes of the consistently scary Venom is surely worthy of an Oscar for Special Effects?

Batman and Robin – George Clooney deserves an Oscar for Being Such a Good Sport about being in bad movie that’s haunted his career for such a long time and is routinely ridiculed. Do we even need to mention the bat nipples?

Amazing Spider-man 2 – Have noticed how the bad superhero movies are mostly franchise killers? I mean if you get bad a James Bond movie, they just fix it.

So what is redeemable and Oscar worthy about this franchise killer? Well think about it, the Costume Designs are brilliant. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man costume looks brilliant. Emma Stone has a look perfectly lifted from the comics.

Electro’s re-design is unique and memorable. Shame it was used in such a misfire of a film.

Have I missed any? Comment and let us know!

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