Battle Princess Madelyn Hits Kickstarter Target

Battle Princess Madelyn, a spiritual successor to Capcom’s Ghouls and Ghosts has hit its Kickstarter target in just five days. Raising CA$110,000 and blazing past the initial goal of CA$60,000, the game tells the story of a young knight in training.

In the Kickstarter video, Creative Director of Casual Bit Games Christopher Obritsch explains that the idea for the game all came from his daughter Madelyn. He recalls that Madelyn would have him play the same level of Ghouls and Ghosts over and over again just to see the level’s final boss.

After a while though, she grew bored and asked if she could be in the game. After stating that “girls can’t be knights” Madelyn inspired Christopher to create a game where she could, responding “what colour do you want your armour“.

Battle Princess Madelyn features 16-bit visuals and gameplay inspired by Ghouls and Ghost, some of the artstyle is even designed by Madelyn herself.

The game has reached its main funding goal, meaning that it will released on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii U and Xbox One. Battle Princess Madelyn is expected for release in Feb 2018.

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