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Today the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon has launched offering consumers the chance to grab something that could potentially change their quality of life.

I’ll be honest, when I was pitched the Kickstarter campaign for Beacon, I was unsure what exactly I was looking at. What is it? Is it an air filter? A lamp? I just wasn’t sure. However looking deeper into it, I now realise that this might be something I need in my life.

Beacon, in short is a “compact multi-sensory cube” which does a number of things, but its stand-out feature is that it monitors your environments air quality. It lets you know the rooms conditions via an app, including pollutant levels, temerpature, and humidity. In addition to monitoring air quality it’s also a bio-rhytmic light that mimics daylight conditions and adapts to your mood, as well as a bluetooth speaker.

The Beacon can be the perfect bedside companion as it uses its bio-rhythmic lights to gently wake you rather than being forced awake by obnoxious alarms and bright lights. It can also play soothing ambient noises and music to help you get to sleep too as well as focus on the task at hand and hopefully reduce stress. All while it monitors the air quality, notifying you of any harmful changes via the Beacon’s logo on the side.

This little cube helps combat a number of common problems we face in our homes, the first being air quality. We spend almost 90% of our time indoors and there’s ten times more pollutants indoors than outdoors, so keeping on top of having good clean air in our homes is the first step to better living.

The second is blue light. We all love shoving our phones in our faces all night and it’s not great for sleep, the Beacon hopes to minimise blue light by offering much warmer light that suits the time of day. Finally, noise pollution is one of the greatest causes of stress and its associated diseases. With the Beacon, you can play ambient sounds to drown out noisy neighbours our sound of the traffic below.

Beacon is Living Labs’ solution to improving this situation and helping its users lead a happier, healthier life.

Living Labs director, Kingsley Hull commented, “In cities around the world, air pollution and its risk to our health is an increasing worry. The EU commission recently issued a final warning to the UK and 4 other countries about their air quality levels, yet progress is slow. Beacon is our way of helping users seize control over their environment and improving their quality of life.”

If you’re convinced, you can head to Kickstarter now to pick up your own Beacon. A limited number of early bird pledge levels are now available starting at £159. Early bird Beacons will be delivered to backers in March 2018. If you miss out however, you can grab a Beacon for £199.


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