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Sure, you’ve got busses, trams, and trains, but what if your city dwellers want to travel in style? Well you’ll be pleased to know that in the upcoming expansion for Cities: Skylines, that’s exactly what’s they can do.

The upcoming Mass Transit update will bring new types of transportation to the game offering many new ways for citizens to get across town, whether it’s by land, sea, or air. Players will be able to add a ton of new mass transit hubs where lines can cross and exchange passengers, there’ll also be a handful of new scenarios, landmarks, road types, and more.

Some of these new vehicles include ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails, and with the new mass transit hubs citizens can hop from blimps to cable cars to monorails to busses in one swift movement. Lovely. Of course with these new additions comes a handful of new challenges focused on solving traffic problems that’ll naturally occur when you add more transportation options. Becoming an expert in traffic flow is necessary here.

Oh, and there’s some new hats for Chirper. Yeah, you read that right.

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The expansion is set to arrive with a free update to the base game too. The update which will arrive along side the expansion, will add mod-inspired features to traffic management, and more road features, oh and you’ll finally be able to name roads.

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