D&D Beyond Ditches the Pencil and Paper in Favour of Digital

As long as I can remember, Dungeons & Dragons campaigns often require hefty amounts of paper, plenty of sharp pencils, and a wicked imagination. It’s one of the many table top games that require you to switch off from the world for a second. However, that might no longer be the case as Wizards of the Coast have launched D&D Beyond, a new digital app that’ll replace the pencil and paper.

D&D Beyond is a new app, or a “Digital Toolset” as Wizards call it, to help players manage their characters and then some. The app will work with Fifth Edition D&D campaigns, and will offer other features like an official rules compendium, a character builder, and character sheet. It’ll definitely help players organise their characters easier, as well as checking Facebook at the same time…

The app is a collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Curse, a company which builds gaming management tools for a number of different platforms.

While many may see this digital addition long overdue, I’m sure there are many who still prefer the traditional pencil and paper management which hasn’t failed yet. However, it’s likely going to be really handy to not only have character management all in one easy to edit platform, but also official rules along side it.

D&D Beyond is set to launch this summer, but players who want to get in early can do so by signing up to the Beta.

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