Bossa Studios’ upcoming competitive skateboarding arena game, Decksplash, has been in closed alpha testing for a few weeks now, and it looks like it’s time for the game to be unleashed onto the world as it’ll be coming to Early Access real soon.

Pretty much since its announcement last month, Bossa Studios launched a closed alpha which consisted of several play tests so they could get feedback from players and real soon it’ll be coming to Early Access.

Bossa Studios has released two new videos for the game, the first will see Oliver and Vince break down the new prototype maps, features, and more, as well as sharing what feedback they’ve taken om board from the community.

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The second video is… well… see for yourself:

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Decksplash is a competitive 3 v 3 arena Skateboarding game where players are tasked with performing long-lines of tricks to rack up an impressive combo to ultimately soak the entire map with their own colour.

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