Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked Via Promotional Poster

Once again a release date for Activision’s shooter RPG Destiny has leaked via promotional material, this time it’s for the game’s long-awaited sequel, Destiny 2.

According to the leaked poster, which comes via website Lega Network today, originates from GameStop Italy and reveals that Destiny 2 will launch on September 8, 2017. Another image has since surfaced on Imgur, and have been independently confirmed to be legitimate.

On the poster we see three Guardians without helmets, which is interesting. We can also see a possible Warlock class holding a SUROS shotgun.

Activision will again be working with Sony on the game’s release, offering beta access to PlayStation 4 players first. Apparently, the beta is set for sometime in June according to Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips.

So it looks like we’ll be hearing officially about Destiny pretty soon. Activision usually unveils the next Call of Duty game in May, so it’s likely that we’ll hear something about Destiny in April if not in May as well.

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