Eddy Gordo
Nice jacket! I'd wear it!

Tekken fans rejoice! Eddy Gordo, the flashy Capoeira practitioner will be making a welcomed return to the universe. Popular for his unique style and engaging backstory, Eddy was the first character to popularize the Brazilian martial art in fighting games.

I remember dabbling about with Tekken 3 when I was a kid who had no idea how to play properly. Back then, Eddy always struck me as one of those characters made for people like me who would rub their elbows on the stick and watch the fireworks happen. Quite similar to Maxi from the Soul Calibur series who was also looked at by some as the “n00b friendly” character. But then that one guy who knew what buttons to press would show up in the arcade and wreck everyone’s lives legitimately.

Speaking of arcades, Tekken 7 has been playable in Japan for well over a year but will soon be opening it’s doors to the western half of the planet in June when it finally releases worldwide. Which I imagine must be a pretty unfortunate thing for Tekken fans who don’t have a local arcade in their area with an imported cabinet. But the reward for being patient is looking to be a very polished game with a massive amount of great content and characters.

Check out Eddy’s reveal trailer below.

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