Flipping Death is like A Link Between Worlds, but with More Death

Zoink Games has this week announced their latest title, Flipping Death, that’s set to land on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Flipping Death is a curious game where Death is on vacation, so players must help the ghosts of the after life solve their problems while also solving the mystery around their own demise.

It’s definitely an interesting title that’ll see gameplay span two worlds, the after life, and the land of the living. Players will have to posses the living to help them solve puzzles, but all is not what it seems.

Flipping Death acts as the spiritual successor to Zoink Games’ debut title, Stick it To The Man which launched back in 2013. Though this time there’s no sticky pink arm to be seen, just possessed Ice Cream.

Flipping Death is set to launch on Nintendo Switch and other platforms, however details and release dates are still to be determined.