For Honor Goes eSports

It was bound to happen more sooner than later, and yesterday, an eSports team signed their very first For Honor player in Twitch streamer Skys.

NRG, co-owned by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, and MLB greats Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins, is the first team to sponsor a For Honor player. Skys says it’s a win for all of the Twitch followers that blew up his channel after an epic 3v1 duel that he won at the end of a 12 hour stream, as well as everyone wanting For Honor to grow as a competitive title.

While it’s hard to classify exactly what kind of game For Honor is in regards to organized competition, the Choctaw Festival of Gaming is throwing it in with the more traditional fighting titles like Smash and Street Fighter in a tournament that starts this weekend.

Will For Honor be considered part of the FGC going forward? It’s doubtful, but many people have their eyes on Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash medieval brawler as it inches its way into the competitive world of esports.

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