Four Better Forms for The TARDIS to take

Doctor Who is about to throw out the old and bring in a new Doctor, though thank about it, is that the only thing that should go?

Maybe it’s time for another TARDIS form. Of course, if you’re familiar with the series, you’ll know why Doctor Who’s time machine is stuck in its iconic Police Box form which was very common during the 60s in the UK since it was the only way a police officer could contact the police station they were assigned to.

But because of some faulty wiring in the TARDIS itself, it remains as the iconic blue box. It’s actually supposed to change shape to whatever the Time Lord would want.

But hey, since the Time Lords have been brought back to life by the trusty Doctor, he’s got the chance to get it fixed, but what form should it take next? Well I have four fairly decent ideas that should help him out.

Megazord – That’s right, a Power Ranger Megazord. It’s time for the Doctor to even up the score. I mean, if he does fancy changing into something a little more Japanese, he’s spoilt for choice.

He’s got robot dinosaurs, robot animals, cars and mecha, all of which are ridiculously huge because they’re awesome. Also, if does team up with another Time-Lord they could merge their respective time machines to create a mega time machine… Just in case they situation needs a mega time machine.

Transformer – It must get rather frustrating for the Doctor to always have his trusty time machine being captured by the baddies. I mean the Daleks have temporarily knicked it as well as the Cybermen and even Torchwood.

So why not turn it into a Transformer? The next time the baddies fancy going on the knick it can transform and beat up some time machine stealing bad guys.

James Bond’s Aston Martin – Imagine if a Time Lord had to build a Jame Bond style car? Would it go a little Back to the Future or would be a whacky contraption like the Aston Martin from Die Another Day?

Pogo Stick – This one machine device means he wouldn’t need to have any annoying companions to tag along with him. And it’d be hilarious.