Saving the world is a full-time job but it doesn’t last forever, and when you’ve had 15 minutes of fame for defeating villainy, you’re going to need to have a backup career in the works. So what is in store for a Power Ranger after they’ve defeated their arch enemy?

After the occasional team up, there really isn’t much to do. Well, most of them have to complete high school, so they’ve still got a good shot at getting an education and a career outside of super villain fighting.

You’ve got athlete Power Rangers like Jason, the original Red Ranger, smart types like Billy, the Blue Ranger, and people with causes like environmentalism like Trini, the Yellow Ranger.

Though what if you’re a Rocky (the second Red Ranger) or an Adam (the Second Black Ranger) or dare I say it, a Carlos (Green Turbo Ranger and Black Space Ranger) or TJ (Red Turbo Ranger and Blue Space Ranger)?

What do you do? Well think about it, you’re a highly trained combatant with a lot of combat experience, you’ve used heavy machinery like Megazords and most times out of ten, you’ve got an awesome power that only you can use.

So, with all that in mind here are some jobs that former Power Rangers can do:

UFC or MMA – It’s a pretty easy one for them go into. They’ve fought monsters and an endless parade of henchmen, so the likes of Mickey Gall or Amanda Nunes should be a cake walk.

Soldier – I’m sure many government agencies would do anything above and below board to get a former Power Ranger on the books. They possess awesome power that could change the course of any conflict…

Test Dummy – That tight spandex may look a bit showy, but it does provide practical protection with any lethal strike negated as a huge bunch of sparks which the suit wearer can brush off.

I’m sure car companies would love to use a Power Ranger to test the safety of their latest vehicles.

Running a mecha nature park – What we’re also forgetting are those Megazords that don’t get destroyed? What happens to them?  Do we put them in mothballs or do we let them roam free in a nature park which former rangers who have fallen on hard times can run?

The public can get up close up with the mecha which has saved their lives so many times.

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