Game of Thrones ‘Long Walk’ Teaser Trailer is Out!

HBO is welcoming us back to the world of Westeros for a 7th season with it’s new trailer ‘Long Walk’.

The short sneak-peak shows Daenerys, Cersei and Jon Snow confidently and cooly striding to their thrones, looking like they’d end anyone who gets in their way without so much as blinking.

After all, this is the show where anyone can rise as easily as they can fall, regardless of their status in the books or whether their a fan favorite. Keeping us guessing with a chilling end (no pun intended), Cercei’s breath comes out in a white puff and suddenly, we are confronted with a pair of hauntingly ice blue eyes.

Long story short? Serious shits about to go down. Expect the exhilarating new season to return to your tv screen in July 2017. Though it’ll be a shorter season than some of this world-wide phenomena’s last seasons, don’t fool yourself into thinking it’ll be any less crazy!

What are your thoughts on the new promo? Will you be tuning in when July rolls around? Let us know in the comments down below!


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