NVIDIA has unveiled their newest graphical card monster during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti promises to perform significantly better than the Titan X and also outperforms the regular 1080. The catch? There’s none, since the Ti will be available for a much lower price.

Shortly after the presentation ended, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang got down to business and discussed the price. The 1080 has already been reduced in price down to a MSRP of $499 because the Ti will be sold for a mere $699.

Let’s talk tech now: the GTX 1080 Ti contains twelve billion transistors, a spectacular number to say the least if you realise the 1080 only has 7.2 billion. The card will be equipped with 11GB of GDDR5X memory manufactured by Micron, which will be clocked at 11,000 MHz succeeding in an effectual 11Gbps data transfer rate.

Overall NVIDIA is officially claiming the 1080 Ti to perform 20 to 40 percent faster than the standard GTX 1080. If you haven’t upgraded your GPU yet, this might be a good time to consider doing so!

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