GOG Galaxy, GOG.com’s optional game client with features such as DRM-free backups, update rollbacks, and cross-platform play, is coming out of beta with version 1.2.

The highlight of GOG Galaxy Update 1.2 is Universal Cloud Saves. This new feature adds cloud saving functionality to new games, but also to titles that never offered cloud saving before. Titles like Planescape: Torment, Dragon Age Origins, Heroes of Might & Magic III, Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines will gain benefits of saves syncing and cloud backup for the first time ever. Cloud saves are not locked behind the gaming platform and users can download backup of their saves data to use as they see fit.

GOG Galaxy Update 1.2 also introduces an option to customize the Client to users’ needs by selecting features they want to use, for a personalized experience. In addition, the brand new hibernate mode cuts on Client CPU usage when playing a game, and saves resources and battery life when idling in the background. Update 1.2 also packs many of community’s most-desired requests, including bandwidth limiting and scheduling, FPS counter, screenshot capturing, in-game overlay, achievement rarity, desktop and in-game notifications system and new chat.

Piotr Karwowski, Managing Director at GOG.com, said:

“Losing your save files can be really frustrating. And a big part of gaming legacy, including many of the greatest games, was missing cloud saves – until now. Thanks to the Universal Cloud Saves feature of GOG Galaxy, not only new games, but also the all-time classics and titles which development has been finished years ago, will be upgraded with saves syncing and cloud backup.”

GOG Galaxy Update 1.2 is available today to users who opted to test upcoming updates, and will be rolling out to everyone in April.

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